Obsession of Success

People firmly believes that everybody on this planet has a gift, a gift which is special, unique and has tremendous power to show what you got, but it`s your job to figure out what is your gift. This world is filled with talented people who never accomplish anything.  Our body has limitations but our mind does not. We focus more on beautifying/Muscularising, but we forget that it all starts from our nerve circuit. If you are not mentally ready, you cannot be physically prepared.  

Why only 2% achieve high level of success, why not the other 98%? Answer is …. They have it, the burning passion tends them to work towards what they do.. Every single day…. every single minute… every single second… they do what they are obsessed with… i.e., Success.

If you don`t like the way your career is, your business is… Change it !!! You don`t like your body.. change it….., you don`t like your relationship, change it…… Change yourself first because when you change, you bring yourself to the next level. Change if you have to, because there is no right or wrong. Everything can be changed the moment you make a decision, but the big decision starts with a little decisions i.e., where am gonna focus on? People know what they want to do but they don`t know where to start, and when is the best time to start? Is the biggest question they keep asking themselves. 

Most people think “Success is a straight line”..… it`s not like getting out of high school, college, and then finally getting a decent job. If you think you have all this then you are not successful yet. We all have failed at things, still most people are afraid to fail….. they stop at failures, never do that… please continue to fail at stuffs, it’s the most powerful tool you can use to build yourself but it all depends on how you use it.

Every individual`s success differs, people wake up early…. Go to bed late… and work every second just to make sure they don`t live by their means.  You don’t have to wait for your time, decide now and act on it. There are billion other people working on to achieve that thing called “Success”.

There is always a next definition of greatness, what matters to you could be totally different from somebody else`s. Decide now, change the game plan if something doesn’t work. It`s a weekly, daily, hourly fight, the obsessive fight against your weaknesses that doesn`t stop until you reach your goals. Raise the bar of hunger, quench your thirst by achieving something phenomenal because “Seduction of safety is more perilous than perception of risk”
              -Kranthi Zuno “The Zinner



And……..she smiled, it was her real joy with hidden pain…..

She always tries to be new everyday with a magical smile on her face……

She laughs, she falls…. She cares and even cries….

She fights deliberately without any reason and tries to pull my legs…..

She claims to have no affection on me but… She can’t hide it as I can see in her eyes…..

She observes everything about me but…. She always waits to see real “me”…..

She wants an unconditional love with no heartbreaks and no sorrows….

“Will u not understand me?” is the question which she carries along….whenever she is with me

I can feel it from far away ….that she wants me…. to understand her !!!!!!

                           – Kasanova

The small Talks. 

​She: I need to hear that you live for me. 

He: I did,  I do, and I will. 


He: I Love you. 

She: Typo!! 

And he never said a word. 


He : How are you?!?! 

She : Who are you!? 

Same letters, but it matters where they are placed. 


He: Will you wait for me..!

She; Ya.. Until my breath lasts..l

And he went to war and never came back. 


She : Define yourself!? 

He : How can I define you…!!! 

And her eyes watered. 


She: I hate you…We’re the last words he said.. 

But deep down I knew he never meant them.. 

… She said remembering the wrong choice she made leaving the right person. 


He: You were never my right choice. 

She: Ya I was not, as I always  stood to your left. 

She said… Standing to his left. 


He: She is online. But she never texts me. 

She : He is online. But he never texts me. 

They never talked again in life. 


She: Sorry, you will get a better girl than me. 

He: Thank you, for making me a better person. 

And those two words swirled to save the relationship. 


He: You are my first love. 

She : You are my last love. 

And they stayed together forever. 


Teacher : Is there an exception for newton’s 3rd law!? 

She: Yes!! .. It’s called love..! 

(She mumbled) 


He: I will learn and then I will take the test. 

Life: I will test and then make you learn.

Who is right!!?? 


He: Why can’t I make a right choice.!? 

Life: Coz, you left the right ones. 

He felt he was wrong for the first time. 


He: We pay for our mistakes. 

Life: No, you learn from your mistakes. 



True: Birth and Death. 

Lie : Everything between them.

The drama. 


Truth: Distrust . 

Lie: This trust. 

Opposite poles. 


Lie : I win. 

Truth: I learnt. 

Win, loss and learnt. 


Then: There was trust but no technology 

Now: There is technology but no


Is it a gain or loss to humanity.!!


compliment & competition 


The best compliment one can ever get is, to see someone copying their actions.

Later the compliment turns to competition. But the competition is the best motivation that helps being a better you. Be sportive and up for competition.

Both the C’s necessarily may not exchange words directly. But the way it communicates makes an impact.

Løve Såfarì


You can’t give ,unless you feel

You can’t feel, unless you share 

You can’t share unless u have  someone to…

This mystic ,magical four letters word is LOVE

Dawn on the  leaves ,blossom of flowers

Noise of birds,rustle of trees

Wind blowing and withering…dew drops tantalising….

Sipping a cup of coffee ,enjoying the true weather…….

Listening to melody, recalling memories…


Heart is beckoned with the knock of my craziest mickey…

Smiling to self and thinking of the one who played guitar in my heart…..the one who keeps me wishing on the wishing star……

Recalling kidoo talks…silly moments…..

Everlasting never ending cheerzz…..awesome nite outs on done…

Soul is just  sensing the magical wishers of your stars ( I love you )…

Just waiting to hear from you all the time ,all the while…


It’s just a piece to let you know how deep you dwelled into my little heart….

Days have turned in such a way that I no more find myself in me….. i need to search for myself in me…

I love this magic,the trauma of losing me in you…..n your love…

Loads and tons of love

                  Navya Reddy    

“Infatuation is Infectious”

“Infatuation is Infectious”

Infatuatic Feeling

My eyes desires to see your face…why is it so? I don’t know how this energizing feeling comes in me, but whenever i see you…my heart beats up faster ‘n’ faster… Whenever I feel lonely, I just close my eyes and think about you and that special curve on your face hits me and turns my mood into happywala mood… Your late night phone calls, your good morning texts, the evening walks with you makes me feel overwhelmed with your sweet love…..

Why do you feel this as an amazing feeling???

Being in love and being loved by one, are two different set of stories. We are more concerned about being loved as it thrills, but to experience this feeling one should always be in love. It always starts with INFATUATION…the fun, the fights, the love, the joy… it creates a presumptive situation to fall in love. And when we fall, we apparently fall so deep within, that we start to forget the real world we are in…It just enriches our neural system to a very large extent that we try to build our own love story with our GF/BF. 

But this love does not hold good when it is just an infatuation (an attraction). As Infatuatic love turns out to be a nightmare (for some). Some continue with their love n some enter into unwanted arguments resulting into breakup. As a result, we come across some situations which are extremely personal get exposed to people, though we wanna shelter them in the corners of privacy there are moments when certain things hit us and unwillingly we react in a public place amidst everyone. That is embarrassing but beyond control…but why do we chose to be hyper…? Why this happens only after breakup…? Love which we had with our GF/BF was just an INFATUATION…!!?? The way we react before breakup and after breakup is completely different… We tend to fall for each other and promises are made to live and love each other throughout our lives but…. where do these promises go for??? This has become a baseball match for both boys n girls where they try to hit a HOME RUN every time… Even the boys n girls of teen age are so well versed with the word “BREAKUP” that they say it proudly “ha yaar, uske sath breakup ho gaya” …. This is our generation !!! 

Sometimes we take this infatuatic feeling so personally that it starts killing us day and night without knowing the consequences.. We always think our love towards other(GF/BF) is less as compared to their love towards us… But in fact, in the mean time you will feel that its only YOU, who loves the other one… This creates a type of suffocation in you which comes out every now and then… resulting into BREAKUP. There we go… we start raining on each other with nonsense set of words. Then we hold our tongue at some point of time…We always see ourselves on safer side… But the way we react before and after breakup is the interesting part in relationship. And this comes to an end of most EXPECTED and ANTICIPATED LOVE STORY.

                                                                                                           –  Kasanovic Krush

Iff you choose to be together

Iff you choose to be together

Alone I can stay but
Together we can live

Alone I can create moments ,but
Together we can make memories

Alone I can dream but
Together we can make it happen

Alone I can succeed but
Together we can prosper

Alone I can think but
Together we can feel

Alone I can know stuff but
Together we can learn

Alone I can pass by but
Together we can walk

Alone Iam to self but
Together we are for each other

Alone I can be good but
Together we can be best

Alone I can travel but
Together we can make good journey

Alone I can be cool but
Together we can be awesome

Alone I can perform but
Together we can rock

Alone I can enjoy but
Together we can party

I choose to be together to kill the toxic of aloneness!! What is your choice? Drug of aloneness Or zone of togetherness?

    Akmy Navya